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Going vegan: the first 4 days.


So, today I’m officially 4 days into the vegan lifestyle, taking baby steps to alleviate the impact I have on the life of animals and repair the damage caused by 30 years of ingesting animals and their products. So far it’s been a really fascinating experience! I have already tried different dishes and combinations of food. And I won’t lie to you: there were moments when I caught myself thinking “what the hell, maybe I should cut myself a slack and indulge in some dairy consumption once in a while”. You see, I really love the taste of dairy products and have a feeling I’ll have a harder time managing my cravings for them than actual meat.

Fortunately, I was able to let go of these cravings and started noticing when they come. It’s been very manageable up until now.

In the last 4 days, though, I saw more than just cravings coming and going. I could also notice some relevant changes in life.

Changes in my body

I feel lighter. I don’t know if I’m being influenced by what I’ve been reading, but I do feel lighter. Since I ingested a considerable amount of meat, dairy and eggs on a daily basis, I was constantly full and had a feeling of constantly being aware of my stomach. Since the beginning of the week, however, I have been able to satisfy my hunger and not feel like there was a balloon inside my stomach.

I’m not sure if I already started losing body fat, but I can clearly see that I’m unswollen. My face got a tiny bit thinner already and I can already feel a difference in the fat around my waist. Besides that, I can feel my intestines function better as well.

I did encounter a side effect however: gases. I’ve heard it gets better as time passes and the body adapts to the new diet.

Friends and family

I’m lucky enough to have my wife’s support. She is not coming aboard the vegan wagon just yet, but is happily willing to assist me in my dietary needs. She is an awesome cook and very patient with me, when I get all hyped up about adopting this new way of life. I haven’t told anyone else from family and relatives that I’m going vegan, but I suspect most will react like my workmates did.

And talking about them… man, why do people get so defensive in the presence of vegans and vegetarians?! I have been on the other side once: being the meat-eating person bashing the vegan friend just because he wouldn’t eat meat. Now that I am on the vegan side of the story, I get really perplexed.

We started talking about food at work and I mentioned I was quitting meat, dairy, eggs and animal products in general. The moment I said that, some of the guys started ranting, pointing fingers and getting all hysterical until I finally said “Dude, chill out! Can I just NOT eat meat and stuff? I’m not throwing your steak away, relax.”

I guess meat eating people may feel accused of their bad choices when they see someone abstaining from meat. Well… not my problem, then, right? All we can do is do what we judge to be right.


I must say that I’m feeling a lot better about myself since I started this change. No, I don’t believe I became a better person, really. I’m still just myself whether I eat meat or not. But I really feel good about doing something for my health while stopping the demand for animals’ lives. It’s a win-win situation, I guess. =)

Well, that was it for now. I’ll come back soon with more updates and random talk.

Stay vegan, friends! And wish my luck, please.


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